Natee The Riverfront
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Imagine, gazing at the riverfront with some drink on hand, from the maximum comfort of your own private Jacuzzi. For hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure, and powerful jets for massage purposes.


In order for a Jacuzzi bathtub to work, the water in the tub must be higher than the intake valve. The intake is the circular, screened valve about halfway between the base and rim of the tub. The vacuum power of the pump draws water in, while the screen prevents bath accessories and arms, fingers and toes, from being suctioned into the valves.

The pump’s motor creates force, which expels water from the jets at varying pressures. While the vacuum strength does not change, the jet power can be modified. In many Jacuzzi tubs, the ring around the jet turns the jet on and off and controls the pressure. The tub itself is turned on and off by a switch located on the bathtub.

Hot tubs and spas keep water warm and allow for variances in water temperature. This is not the case with a Jacuzzi tub. As with a traditional bathtub, the water in the tub will get colder the longer it stands. To increase the temperature of the bathwater, the tub should be drained slightly and refilled with hot water.

Swimming Pool

Which is much pleasure with “The River – Pool”.
The perfect sits along of our swimming pool, it’s facing to riverfront and mountain view. That are makes your more enjoyable, relaxing, comfortable, and till you want to pause your time.